Atlanta Underground’s future

Atlanta Underground’s future

Atlanta Underground has been a long time favorite of locals as well as visitors.  Hosting a wide range of restaurants, stores, performers and general Atlanta-esque culture, it’s a fantastic place to visit and to round out the work day

.I’ve been in Atlanta now for about 15 years, a transplant from (gasp!) California.  I remember going to Underground when I first came out here and was intrigued.  Stories from natives relate that Underground in the 70’s was THE place to go but during the interim a lot has happened to make it less desirable.  Improvements have been made many times over the years and it seems we’re on the cusp of another one now.

The New York Times recently posted the following:

The new plan, said Kristi Rooks, a WRS project developer, will focus on attracting residents, now that this city, for so long defined by suburban development, appears to be looking inward.

In the 1970s, a decade characterized by white flight and suburban sprawl, the city of Atlanta shed roughly 70,000 residents. But recent population estimates suggest that the city is adding thousands of residents per year, with some looking for a more soulful urban experience, or at least a way to avoid a soul-deadening commute.

The population boom is helping drive other developments in the city, including the BeltLine, an unfinished 22-mile pathway for pedestrians, bikes and possibly public transit that follows old railroad lines; and Ponce City Market, a project that is transforming a historic Sears, Roebuck & Co. building into new retail, residential and office space.

“I don’t think that our idea is revolutionary,” Ms. Rooks said of Underground. “I think that our timing is spot on. People want to be in urban centers, and they want that authenticity, and they want to be on transit. And that wasn’t always the case.”

Given this writeup and the general need for more (and better) living space downtown, it’ll be very interesting to keep an eye on what’s happening in and around Underground Atlanta.