Atlanta’s Social Movement

Atlanta’s Social Movement

From blocking roads such as the Downtown Connector for public protests/rallies to rampant use of Social Media to complain and condemn the current state of political affairs in Atlanta, it’s obvious the current national as well as local events around things like excessive use of force by police, social injustices, the very public teacher cheating scandal and trials and a host of criminal justice problems has the residents of Atlanta in an uproar.  This uproar, however is missing a key ingredient – the right person (or any person) to lead it.

One person is doing something about it – local activist Rev. Markel Hutchins.  His new advocacy group named “MovementForward” seeks to find a way to address the issues of civil rights violations and police violence.  Huthins’ group intends to bridge the gap from “old school” civil rights leaders to today’s younger and seemingly less interested groups.

MovementForward intends to draw power and support from the recent massive demonstrations, urging protestors to not just make noise, but to make their actions count towards meaningful results.  The group also plans to better utilize current technology trends to reach out and bridge the gap between protesters, business executives and other groups with influence.

As with most others, body cameras are a key topic.  It’s pretty much universally agreed that when police are wearing body cameras, both sides are better protected.  It’s an all around win and seems to be common sense.

Regardless of the intent or success of this group and others, there are a few key issues that must be addressed.

  • Inclusion, instead of exclusion:  Nothing gets done in a vacuum and those that think they have all the answers and don’t need input/validation from others are deluding themselves.
  • Effective activism: Making noise, or a focus on anarchy is not effective and will get us nowhere.  We must have activism with a purpose and that purpose must underscore the intent of the movement.  Activities taken without a purpose are detrimental rather than helpful.
  • Common Sense:  As they say, common sense is not so common.  A lot of what’s happening on both sides is in contrast to basic common sense.