Looking good for Summer

Looking good for Summer

How many of us get ready for summer by denying ourselves meals, running 943 miles each day and counting every single calorie we get within 10 feet of? Ok, not most of us but a few do!

Getting ready for summer usually involves a lot worrying about what we’ll look like in our bathing suits, and therefore how best to go about losing those pounds.  Some folks go to the extreme and lose a LOT of weight.  By the same token, many women who have had children want their pre-pregnancy bodies back.  Both of these groups of people fall into the category of people who may consider plastic surgery to attain that look quickly.  There are a number of procedures that may help:

  • Liposuction:  Still the number one surgical procedure performed by cosmetic surgeons.  This has been around for a very long time, has benefited from numerous advances in technology and is very safe.
  • Tummy Tuck: As with the above, Tummy Tucks are safe and are performed around the world quite frequently.  Removing extra skin and even repairing the underlying muscles will give you a better body contour and have you ready for the beach.
  • Mommy Makeover:  The Mommy Makeover is a relatively new concept although what it consists of has been around for awhile.  When doing a Mommy Makeover, the patient selects a couple of different procedures to be performed and has them done all at once or within a given timeframe.  Having them done at all once reduces the overall healing timeframes and allows you to get to the beach sooner.

I make mention of ‘getting to the beach’ and ‘getting ready for summer’, but it must be noted that the above procedures have real, tangible and lasting beneficial health impacts. Overall, most patients that undergo these procedures end up with a healthier lifestyle, incorporating better diet and fitness efforts and resulting in a more positive outlook on life.  So please don’t think these procedures are purely aesthetic – history has shown that they can also greatly enhance the lifestyle and mindset of the patient.

The costs for these procedures can vary widely depending on where you live so I would advise speaking with a local doctor or two to get the idea.  It’s also a great idea to speak with others that have undergone these procedures to get a better understanding of the costs, recovery periods and other information you’re sure to want to know.

A great resource for a lot of this is plasticsurgery.org but even better, on their website, is a page dedicated to 3d videos of the procedures.  Check it out here.

Whether your intention is to firm up for summer or to start yourself on a lifelong lifestyle change and get your body back into share, develop better eating habits and get a fitness regimen underway, a cosmetic procedures such as a tummy tuck or a mommy makeover is a good place to start – once you’ve spent the money on it and gone through the surgical procedure and recovery period, you’ll be far less likely to let your health backslide.