My favorite Georgia cities

My favorite Georgia cities

My favorite Georgia Cities

I thought it was time to discuss a little bit about my favorite cities throughout Georgia.  Georgia is the love of my life – the beauty and the fantastic people – and I travel throughout the state every chance I get.  From the mountains in the North to the coastline on the east, down south to the Valdosta Area and west to the Alabama border there’s nothing I like more than to explore this fantastic state.

A few of my favorite places to visit:

Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is a city loaded with historical appeal, great spots to eat and a surprisingly active nightlife.  This is a place to spend hours wandering the tree covered streets and meeting the fantastic people who call Augusta home.  You would have to figure that the home of the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament would have a lot going for it, and you would be correct.

Columbus, Georgia

Columbus Georgia  offers a lot of things to do and specializes in activities for those that like to spend time outdoors.  Riding the rapids of the Chattahoochie is a favorite way to spend a warm afternoon while the RiverWalk in Uptown Columbus is a great way to get the most out of your free time in the evening.

Macon, Georgia

Macon Georgia is a strongly historical city with 14 historic districts and more than 6,000 structures listed on the National Registrer of Historical Places.  Indeed, you can easily spend days enjoying the rich history and stunning Southern Charm of the landscapes, architecture and the people of this fine city.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is probably my favorite on this list.  A rich history coupled with a lively waterfront lifestyle is right up my alley.  It’s a walking city, so the pedestrian friendly mindset makes it very easy to get from point to point to explore every aspect of this fantastic city.  There are too many activities to get involved with to list here.

Athens, Georgia

Athens Georgia is a great city that is home to that obscure collegiate football team. The inhabitants of this town are rabid Georgia fans and during football season you can bet the stadium is rocking.

Ok, a short post but I thought it was worthwhile to highlight a few of my favorite places to visit.  I hope you enjoy this and if you find yourself in any of these places, I’d love to hear about your travels!